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Act of God is a Czech melodic metal band formed in Liberec, in 2001. The first album "Burning Crosses" was released in 2003, since the release of their second album  "Forgotten in Time" in 2005, the band maintains a status as one of the best Czech melodic metal band. The band unveiled during action on a number of prestigious festivals in the Czech Republic. The band's membership has seen much turnover, the current line-up consists of lead singer Anna Burianova, guitarist and singer Martin Hrachovec, guitarist Tomas Racek, bassist Martin Hronek and drummer Petr Prskavec.
Considerable influence on Act of God´s musical expression have Burianova's "razor soprano", Hrachovec's "brash punk" vocal.,heavy and fast guitars, well-timed keyboards, thundering bass and powerful drums!
Early years
Prime band was formed in the Liberec in January 2001 by Tomas Racek (guit.), Jakub Grunt (bas) and Martin Hrachovec (guit.). In the middle of 2001 joined the band Martin Kocian (dr). Act of God played their first gig on the 25th of July 2001 at the birthday party in Hradek nad Nisou.  In August 2001 joined the band Eduard Smola (keyb.) and in this line-up they played lot of gigs around the Liberec and surrounding areas until 2003, sometimes as a support for more known bands like Krleš, Pikodeath, and Black Pearl.
“Burning Crosses” era
Before they entered the studio to record their first album, they tried the female vocal,singer Eva Novakova. Finally she appeared just as a guest in the "Inferno Head" song. In August 2003 the debut album "Burning Crosses" was released. Act of God's first tour followed and contained gigs in Prague, Ostrava, Pilsen,etc.
Unfortunately, this album failed at the critics immediately and that's the reason why no of these songs have ever played later. The only exception is song “Black animal” - this song had been played in 2015 concerts as a memory of the beginnings.
During the concerts for “ Burning crosses” there had been given the bigger emphasis to the Smola's  keybords.
“...Forgotten in Time...” yes, absolutely.
At the end of 2004 the new singer Anna Burianova joined the band. In the middle of 2005 rehearsals for the new album started. The band heeded more to the production of the next album and it was recorded during November and December of 2005. The result, "Forgotten in Time" album included some of old materials. Songs like "The Warrior", "History from the Future" or "Malleus Maleficarum" had been already prepared for “Burning Crosses” album, but were not recorded due to lack of time. New songs included more  keyboards, were much closer to the mainstream sound and lyrics had unified concept. Those facts were sometimes criticized by fans, but the new album got high ratings from professional critics.
Rise and fall…
During the "Forgotten in Time tour 2006", Act of God toured whole the Czech Republic. Many concerts were ready for 2007 too, but ... In the middle of 2006, Eduard Smola left the band. Original line-up made only few gigs and the others had been played by Tereza Kriklanova as a guest. The situation inside a band wasn´t good. That was the reason why Martin Hrachovec left at the end of 2006 and in January 2007 the band played the last gig.
In 2009 was the band back on the scene. Founding members - Martin Hrachovec (gt.) and Martin Kocian (dr) were together again. The new line-up recorded the EP "Shadows of the morning" and launched a new tour from 2009 to 2010. At the end of the year left the band Jan Rejmon (keys). Since that time the band played only as a quintet. In the summer of 2010 Martin Hrachovec started preparing of a new album.
“Memories in mirrors”
There were several personal changes before the recording of a new album. Martin Kocian was fired from the Act of God and the band got young drummer Peter Prskavec together with a founding member Tomas Racek.
The album "Memories in the Mirror" was completed in December 2010 and released in March 2011. All materials on this album were written by Martin Hrachovec. The album was evaluated by critics even better than the previous one, but the support during the tour failed. The autumn part of the tour included a few gigs and winter part of the tour was canceled completely.
New beginning
After the problems in the band, the voice of the album "Forgotten in time," Anna Burianova was back in a band. Act of God quickly returned back to the tour and tried to support current album, "Memories in mirrors", for example by filming a new promo video. In this time the band stayed on tour, opening for Terra Prima (Italy), Thunderbolt (Norway), Black Star (Italy), etc.
In 2013 band produced several demos, but building on the previous album was not a good idea. The band began to take a new direction. In the summer of 2014 was recorded the single "Look into face", including promo videos.
Finally, the new album!
At the beginning of 2015, the band got new bassist Martin Hronek (ex-Petr Kolar, Vilem Cok & By-pass, G-Bod), so after that the band started to prepare a new album. During 2015  Martin Hrachovec and Martin Hronek prepared sixteen demos from which have been created  eleven songs. Compared to previous albums, this album was born in a totally relaxed atmosphere , collectively , it has been sung in english only and was released on the 31st of March 2016 with title “Deception of Freedom”.

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